17 September 2012

acerbic aftertaste

You say you've changed,
I don't see how.
destiny has become,
at once, too loud.

Your clipping words
puncture thick skin
Seen it all -
no apology, again.


Clo-ster said...

Hi Rosie I really like this poem it really speaks to me. I think its really good and that it's not just a poem. this To me feels like there is some one who is feeling this, living this and that she don't know how to say her feelings so instead she Converts her feelings into a poem. I think your are really good at this. So keep it up.


Typewriter said...

Thanks, Clo-ster! Comment much appreciated :) Lots of what I write is inspired by actual events, though sometimes they're not related directly to me, so you're right there. Though, don't you think putting feelings into a poem is still a type of communication/way of saying them?

Clo-ster said...

That's allright and about the communication thing, yeah I guess so, but what I'm trying to say, is that it's a different way of communicating, it has a different sense if meaning, also it's a easier way of getting someone to understand exactly how you feel and to understand the event. I guess what I'm trying to say is that done people find it hard to Tell some one an event or even letting there emotions out, therefore by using a poem for this, the reader can truly have a sense of feeling of what it's about and how you feel, also some peopl fined it hard to talk about stuff within a conversation so by using a poem you can pick out the most effective or main parts an put them together and it allows the reader to gather a better understanding. It's abit like when artists sing about there lives if things that have happend within their life span, and do this to try and get other people to relies what they been feel and to feel their emotions within the song although the music background has a huge impact on this, the lyrics are what gives it meaning.