26 November 2011


warm nights.
Cold morning, low mist, ice.
Sharp, clean smell and
Some kind of appetite.

Atmospheric pressure means

that one day you will be old.
Time will steal itself from you,
or you from yourself.
Your luggage will be dense
with possibilities
and consequence.

12 October 2011

'broken images' T.S Eliot

leave(s) in darkness
arrive in darkness
cyclical structures
life imitates art


juggling with fire,
spinning plates,
incredible feats of
heroics -
a walk in the park,
when dealing with certain

21 April 2011


There must be a better way than this,
a crowded bridge to a path by a relic
of our past
with those alive.

03 April 2011

Broken images

How to explain, so you understand?
Broken images coalesce become sea sky island.

How to show you, sans telling?
Simple pleasures are ones most missed,

07 January 2011


What is there but time
& the attempt to fill it well?
What is there but time
& our minds, ourselves?
What is there but time
& an endless sky
and an endless well;

a small boat under stars, endless;
time without,
without our selves.

03 January 2011


In arms of angel comfort here I see
a breath on the air
& a frozen city.
In arms of angel comfort here I glide,
amidst the blanket faces & dreams
of deep night.