28 February 2009


asleep/ sleepy/ sleepiest/
realm of silence and 
now i hibernate
now i am myself
now i oscillate
between awake
and dream-stealth.

20 February 2009

Stranger walk.

In a second I can tell something that could reveal

I know you well.

One intake of breath

can reveal if you shower daily,


your last meal.


18 February 2009

While being consoled.

You tell me to be still
and I yearn to destroy it all.
I want to hear breaking glass,
push you away,
and yet,
to break your fall.

12 February 2009


Red, white, black,
these are the colours of the stage.
There is nothing the actors lack
and once the curtain 
rises, falls, rises,
no way to go back,
except to be it again.


As strange as it sounds
I don't want excitement,
it's too loud.
Can you hear me?
I want to walk slowly
and enjoy the day.
I want to see clearly
though I may not know the way.