31 December 2008


For 17minutes on
the 17:20
I studied your
as you studied your
free paper.
You made no move
to hide the illicit call
to your lover
surreptitiously by
the whole carriage.
When your gf called,
we heard the lies as
they tumbled, then stalled.
Your reflected
was fleshier 
than you.

06 December 2008

Winter blues.

I saw the blue lights.
Her room, last night
they flickered
and danced on your skin
I blink.
I'm here again,
surrounded by blue lights
and enveloped by sirens.

04 December 2008


How do you live with the grey?
Shades of coping,
day by day?
How can you stand
the ambiguity?
Without closure,
Without of sanity.
How do you dream?
In b&w?
Or in between?

Post-dinner dialogue.

Chessboard tablecloth
does not good ground make
for your games and overtures;
arid, jejune, fake.
Tense - past, imperfect. 
to a punch,
I am winded,
and foresaw as much.

02 December 2008


Squares of blue.
Deceptive. Fearing you,
I keep my head down
and, concentrate, frown.
I pretend. Forced to
look away, you
Flee the scene
leave blue sky serene
and forget I ever was.

14 November 2008

To assert.

I can't wait,
but still, I hesitate.

You arrive like a tornado,
a bomb
about to blow,
and assume all will
be as you desire,
your clothes drying in
my funeral's pyre.
But you meet resistance, mine,
unwilling to let this slide.

Shocked, you reel,
and realise you were wrong.
This is how I feel,
and this is my song.

13 November 2008

Rowdy neighbours...

Sleep easy,
I can hear you singing
soaked in alcohol,
not quiet but not clear.
I wish you'd turn it up,
blast it out, 
so I could hear
the cacophony
become fear
through sirens
and flashing lights.

~This was written a few nights ago at 3amish 'inspired' by loud, clearly inebriated, neighbours. 

03 November 2008

mix-tape paint.

These jarring lines
from my ears to my mind
from metallic to melted in 60 milli.
No troubles either but no fun really.
A vacuous enjoyment, ready made,
As empty as light when it is in shade,
a useless entity falling apart,
a black hole where there used to be a heart.

01 November 2008

train lit.

far away,
long journey,
train sways.
In my mind
I'm there
a meaning
to my inner
bends and

15 October 2008

Running late.

Head against crying wall,
shower steam,
a waterfall,
a predicted spin
of awful and grim - 
lies upon lies upon lies.
Friends, enemies, spies.
Swords, spears, knives.

15 September 2008

Funeral (lies)

Life imitates art,
central single pallid
          by the living,
but unequal.
Three oozing batteries
on the bedside table,
relics of a forgotten hobby,
Fans of all sizes,
metal wings and buttons,
but no fans in this family.
and unloving
and dry.
For a life mistakenly lived,
I cry,
and cry,
and cry.

31 August 2008

San Rocco.

An orange moon
highlights your figure
silhouetted by fireworks.
Visible in flashes,
colours of the rainbow,
A cappuccino
at midnight; 
against the grain.
One day we may meet
through twists 
of a tempestuous fate.


'sic itur ad astra'

'thus you shall go to the stars' - Virgil.

Red light,
a death fit for
a thousand souls.
Leaking heart,
no words impart
how to make
this torn mind

23 July 2008

Tearing strips.

Orange tears in the light blue sky,
broken bubble
where dreams can fly,
summer storm,
summer torn
from your
yearning arms.

21 July 2008


Stranger sleeps
next to me
for disturbing
out of politeness
rather than earnestness.
"I have to go"
(I wish he would,
or shut up, if he could)
but stays some more,
finally ends up on hard stairs,
asleep, alone.

03 July 2008


You are my hazel eyes,
a terror,
rollerblade tremor,
a younger selfish me.
You have my last designs,
my sister, teenager,
kind sometimes, I see.
You'll have my way of life,
forecast the future,
and please,
take your time to me.

["Two wrongs don't make a right, but one wrong doesn't either..."]


mud & boots,
gloves & green.
I've never been
a great escaper,
troubadour failure,
but never fail
to love the trail
beneath my shoes,
sliding home.

09 June 2008


A borrower,
the silent kind;
of optimism,
& strength of mind.
Not enough now,
ever enough?
You need to feel
a touch of love untainted, true.
I wish,
for you.


A mercurial mind,
I wonder, I search, I find,
A drop suspended
in airless
the creature tended
to the wounds and fear;
assuage my mind,
mercury find.

31 May 2008

Waxing Wings

Tightrope walk.
Human hope.
Failed fallacy,
fall from high,
Icarus taught you
how to fly.

13 May 2008


Heady chaos,
chaotic heads,
sense of loss,
expected dread.
A lone survivor
one time had been
a true protector
of seen and unseen.


This is a way
to communicate
in our dying
world defibrillate
and with words
unleash a whole host.
Open mouth
and speak
the loudest
or the most.

05 May 2008


Single petal blossom dancing,
carried by wind & heat.
Rain imminent,
petal falling
to benches concrete.
Surfaces meet
and, inevitable,
single petal window sticks.

25 April 2008


Falling into infinity
enjoying the ride
dealing in equanimity
&chaos in fair kind
A sentence imparted
forever remains
sign of what's started
whatever entailed.


Your lips
and your heart
your mind is closed
in survival mode
nothing that matters
nothing that stays
you only see
through a heavy haze...

17 April 2008


A state of flux consistent,
days, whole weeks, transient,
and suddenly you've been gone forever,
and your name no longer causes a tremor.
Consistent flux permeates
all our destinies and
all our fates.

09 April 2008


Choose a question
choose a thought
nothing to it
2000 words short
organise tropes
to say what you mean
close your eyes and hope
it was all it could have been.

08 April 2008


Glitter covers cars,
breath visible,
layers hide scars,
all's feasible
in this land
full of lies,
at the right hand,
she leans, she sighs,
in torment tries
to stand.

Higher echelon
your mind,
she touches skin,
creates inside
a melodic song,
wearing thin.

- (20th December 2007) -

07 April 2008


out of time
a parquet floor or carpet,
colours red, white.
A purple wall,
flickering t.v.,
unfurnished blurs
seen through rain
train window.


06 April 2008


Bottle it up,
bicarbonate fizz,
plastic cups,
nothing better than this,
pop moments,
sweet tangents,
just like a dream,
seconds of infinity.

05 April 2008

'And it rained all night'.

With your black coat,
collar up,a shield from
the dark night
and cold air.
Hands tucked
in pockets deep,
you mutter,
you swear.

Cold feet,
your shoes don't keep
you dry.
Puddles seep
into your soul
forming your own
endless night.

- (9th December 2007) -


hope to glide,
but hope is not enough,
bumpy ride, but skin is tough,
'gravity and rust',
growth and trust,
a messy blur
- or a blade of grass.

- (5th April 2008) -


A stitch in time saves nine
but what will save your mind?
Brisk walk,
no talk,
treasure for me to find.

- (30th March 2008) -

Thin rain.

Starbright, starlight,
starsight by moonlight,
first star I see tonight,
star of debris,
star of smoke,
start of a strange me,
tears before you spoke.

- (28th March 2008) -


Promise of snow,
all glistens, no gold.
Tumultuous hold
you waver, you fold.
Cold ears, numb nose,
you never liked the cold.

- (22nd March 2008) -

Lucky penny.

Pretty houses hard to find
Justice league
Smile to please
A penny for a thought.

- (18th March 2008) -

02 April 2008

Bear hair.

the first few poems will not match up with when they were written. until we are up to speed, the approximate date of authorship will be included below. in texts, titles don't matter, so the most you will have is an instruction in square brackets. the following is a perfect example of this.

[read in an american accent]

I am a bear
in the snow
in the trees
sans leaves
then I blink
and I see
your skin
the pores
your hair
growing thin.

- (1st March 2008) -