31 December 2008


For 17minutes on
the 17:20
I studied your
as you studied your
free paper.
You made no move
to hide the illicit call
to your lover
surreptitiously by
the whole carriage.
When your gf called,
we heard the lies as
they tumbled, then stalled.
Your reflected
was fleshier 
than you.

06 December 2008

Winter blues.

I saw the blue lights.
Her room, last night
they flickered
and danced on your skin
I blink.
I'm here again,
surrounded by blue lights
and enveloped by sirens.

04 December 2008


How do you live with the grey?
Shades of coping,
day by day?
How can you stand
the ambiguity?
Without closure,
Without of sanity.
How do you dream?
In b&w?
Or in between?

Post-dinner dialogue.

Chessboard tablecloth
does not good ground make
for your games and overtures;
arid, jejune, fake.
Tense - past, imperfect. 
to a punch,
I am winded,
and foresaw as much.

02 December 2008


Squares of blue.
Deceptive. Fearing you,
I keep my head down
and, concentrate, frown.
I pretend. Forced to
look away, you
Flee the scene
leave blue sky serene
and forget I ever was.