29 December 2009

A listener.

Have you been here long?
Did you always sing that song?
I saw you once,
as if in dream,
knocking on a door of make-believe,
moonlight caressing your trusty steed.

13 December 2009


We have evolved
so that we can change,
adapt ourselves (though never our chains)
and move the Earth to suit our needs
and make the Earth adapt to our greed…

09 December 2009


Falling slopes,
loss of sanity
gain of hopes
against gravity.

The glassy kind of memory
- truths -
the cutting kind
when you mistake your head
for your heels.

02 December 2009


Sometimes there are no words,
in times of great emotion,
or joy.
Sometimes, there are merely breaths
and moments,
distilled drops of memory.