07 December 2010

Snow day

White seagulls and black crows
on snowy gutters.

Two bus drivers plotting

Nose frozen clean away.

28 October 2010

Wrong type.

There's nothing more annoying than a-
well, no, that's not, strictly speaking, true.
There aren't many things - or - people,
or maybe, types of people, more annoying than -
no - not types, that's not right -
The most annoying person I know is a -
not to say that - oh, never mind.
Pedants. I don't like them.

27 September 2010


White&pink balloons(without),
sweet homilies, big blooms(within).
No doubt.

A child weaves
tween tall trousered trees&,
barely noticed neath the tea tray,

30 August 2010

> Simple instructions

Close your mouth,
open your mind,
Who knows what you'll find.
See, imagine,
out of time.

30 June 2010

Tempus fugit.

Tempus fugit!
Same, relatively, but older,
a collection of
fits starts tricks smarts.
Whole mind in body,
ruinous/cascade/falling through.

09 June 2010

Three words.

"You may begin."
No gun,
Just tick tock nerves.
Sea of bent heads.
Minds through ink onto lines.
Only you can help yourself,
last week,
open textbook with TV.
Clocks tick, pens flick, life, this.

05 June 2010


So, have you seen her?
She has made many mad,
unable to describe her magnetism or milky skin.
Always just a little too far to touch,
even when resting in trees.


Foreign invading space, my space,
claimed, just - get out, stranger,
I'm busy, I'm going, I don't know you -
just leave me alone.

21 May 2010


I blinked,
a year passed,
or a decade.
How do you measure time?
In minutes, hours, days?
Or faces, moments, followed trails?
A blink, sideways eight,
ouroboros, heartbeat.


Hot head,
cold feet,
can't stay still,
metaphor creeps.
Bottom drops as muscles relax,
suddenly galling,
Waiting for tomo morning.

10 February 2010

Life for love.

Can you stake your life on your love?
Suddenly, it all makes sense,
when I saw you crying and in distress I -

…thought nothing of it.

Un(expected/wanted) news,
a turn of the wheel,
a crash of the cymbals,
soft words strong hug brave face -
onwards, the show must go on.

You stake your life on your love,
cross fingers, faith holds, hope lingers.

You stake your life on your love every day.

*not a textpoem.

21 January 2010

Stop, look, listen.

Stop spending time,
start using it.

Stop fearing life,
start living it.

Don't look for shadows,
walk in light.

Listen to your heart,
release your sorrows.


She was an avid reader;
of books,
of people,
of faces and tones.

She missed nothing, except -
It was lined on her face,
written on her heart, and

- her sadness enveloped her.