13 November 2012

A moment from the lips

A bad choice made, impulsively,
leads to humiliation, publically,
despite the knowledge that you are still
yet to experience much.

Your behaviour, which belies your age, perhaps
is a true measure of maturity and sense,
so I make an n.b, p.s, or post-it note reminder to me:
'here are young dreams, tread softly'.

08 November 2012

After 'Tell all the Truth'

Hear all the Truth but hear it slant --
Belief in Honesty lies
Too opaque for your tripping tongue
The words you say surprise

As Rain to the Windows lashed
With cruel description flawed
The Words must crash Violently
And any false One be outlawed --

06 November 2012


Too close to Nov 11th, this:
immersive surround sound,
hyper-real graphics of guns,
naturalistic narratives,
all devised, he tells me, to engage.
Better, he says, than real life.
In a real war, she says,
you would not last.

Some angels would do better
without even one halo.


ideas fly around;
fireworks outside reflect
connections being made in mind.
One remains: critical.