19 October 2012


Cocooned, wrapped up, ensconced.
Faces and surfaces become more pronounced;
all the leaves falling from
the wet, black, bough.

~nod to Mr Pound.

06 October 2012

Can You Not, Thanks.

Jeremy Hunt, some say you're a --
very nice man really,
in a realm
that is so far removed from yours
is, simply,

womb belongs to woman
and she will never allow legislation
to become part of her decision.
Your supposedly elevated status
should never allow you to
this most private of spheres.
You will find your approach blocked
by any who feel
their body
their choice.

01 October 2012


There is time, in the day,
to create, produce, incredible change;
the smallest detail can give
shelter from the rain.

Inspired by Emily Dickinson's 'Hope is the thing with feathers'