14 November 2008

To assert.

I can't wait,
but still, I hesitate.

You arrive like a tornado,
a bomb
about to blow,
and assume all will
be as you desire,
your clothes drying in
my funeral's pyre.
But you meet resistance, mine,
unwilling to let this slide.

Shocked, you reel,
and realise you were wrong.
This is how I feel,
and this is my song.

13 November 2008

Rowdy neighbours...

Sleep easy,
I can hear you singing
soaked in alcohol,
not quiet but not clear.
I wish you'd turn it up,
blast it out, 
so I could hear
the cacophony
become fear
through sirens
and flashing lights.

~This was written a few nights ago at 3amish 'inspired' by loud, clearly inebriated, neighbours. 

03 November 2008

mix-tape paint.

These jarring lines
from my ears to my mind
from metallic to melted in 60 milli.
No troubles either but no fun really.
A vacuous enjoyment, ready made,
As empty as light when it is in shade,
a useless entity falling apart,
a black hole where there used to be a heart.

01 November 2008

train lit.

far away,
long journey,
train sways.
In my mind
I'm there
a meaning
to my inner
bends and