25 April 2008


Falling into infinity
enjoying the ride
dealing in equanimity
&chaos in fair kind
A sentence imparted
forever remains
sign of what's started
whatever entailed.


Your lips
and your heart
your mind is closed
in survival mode
nothing that matters
nothing that stays
you only see
through a heavy haze...

17 April 2008


A state of flux consistent,
days, whole weeks, transient,
and suddenly you've been gone forever,
and your name no longer causes a tremor.
Consistent flux permeates
all our destinies and
all our fates.

09 April 2008


Choose a question
choose a thought
nothing to it
2000 words short
organise tropes
to say what you mean
close your eyes and hope
it was all it could have been.

08 April 2008


Glitter covers cars,
breath visible,
layers hide scars,
all's feasible
in this land
full of lies,
at the right hand,
she leans, she sighs,
in torment tries
to stand.

Higher echelon
your mind,
she touches skin,
creates inside
a melodic song,
wearing thin.

- (20th December 2007) -

07 April 2008


out of time
a parquet floor or carpet,
colours red, white.
A purple wall,
flickering t.v.,
unfurnished blurs
seen through rain
train window.


06 April 2008


Bottle it up,
bicarbonate fizz,
plastic cups,
nothing better than this,
pop moments,
sweet tangents,
just like a dream,
seconds of infinity.

05 April 2008

'And it rained all night'.

With your black coat,
collar up,a shield from
the dark night
and cold air.
Hands tucked
in pockets deep,
you mutter,
you swear.

Cold feet,
your shoes don't keep
you dry.
Puddles seep
into your soul
forming your own
endless night.

- (9th December 2007) -


hope to glide,
but hope is not enough,
bumpy ride, but skin is tough,
'gravity and rust',
growth and trust,
a messy blur
- or a blade of grass.

- (5th April 2008) -


A stitch in time saves nine
but what will save your mind?
Brisk walk,
no talk,
treasure for me to find.

- (30th March 2008) -

Thin rain.

Starbright, starlight,
starsight by moonlight,
first star I see tonight,
star of debris,
star of smoke,
start of a strange me,
tears before you spoke.

- (28th March 2008) -


Promise of snow,
all glistens, no gold.
Tumultuous hold
you waver, you fold.
Cold ears, numb nose,
you never liked the cold.

- (22nd March 2008) -

Lucky penny.

Pretty houses hard to find
Justice league
Smile to please
A penny for a thought.

- (18th March 2008) -

02 April 2008

Bear hair.

the first few poems will not match up with when they were written. until we are up to speed, the approximate date of authorship will be included below. in texts, titles don't matter, so the most you will have is an instruction in square brackets. the following is a perfect example of this.

[read in an american accent]

I am a bear
in the snow
in the trees
sans leaves
then I blink
and I see
your skin
the pores
your hair
growing thin.

- (1st March 2008) -