01 January 2009


They say ask me no questions
and I will tell no lies.
What am I? 
A sphinx, a phoenix, a centaur
or one of a million myths,
and all of them,
but newer,
and none.


Robert Smith said...

You're so cryptic, Rosie! ;-) I've had to tell you about this before...

Typewriter said...

Cryptic and terrible at proofreading, apparently, judging by the previously missing 'k' of 'ask'! Oops. Let me know if you think you have solved it!

Typewriter said...
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Robert said...

Far be it from me to solve the mystery of Rosie! Like a philologer picking through the Codex Exoniensis or the Poetic Edda, I must be content to wonder at the half-glimpsed fragments of a great and wonderful mythology... (he said flamboyantly).